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  • Home automation often has a negative undertone and is frequently associated with being expensive and complex. This is partly due to advertisements for home automation talking about how you can fill your bath from the comfort of your own car.

  • The connected controller is the basic element of the installation. One or a number of functions are added to this.

  • When new programming is being loaded into the installation, the software will automatically verify whether the modules and controls in the installation are using the latest software version. If an upgrade is necessary, a message will appear.

  • A two-wire bus cable provides power to the various control elements outside the electrical cabinet. The wiring diagram has a free topology, which means you are not bound by a fixed cabling diagram.

  • Yes, with the exception of the modules the connected controller is replacing.

  • Niko Home Control exceeds all possibilities offered by traditional electrical installations. You will actively save energy while increasing the safety and comfort in your home.

  • “Niko never lets you down” is one of Niko’s non-negotiables. The security and the protection of your personal data are an integral part of our commitment towards our customers and end-users. We at Niko continuously strive to effectively implement all legislation in these fields, to protect what is important to you and your loved ones.

  • The needs of the resident were central in the design of Niko Home Control. The installer has everything he needs to satisfy the demands of the builder or renovator. Niko Home Control is quick and easy to install and can be perfectly adapted to the size of the installation.

  • Yes, that is possible.

  • Yes, If you opt for a Niko Home Control extension to your existing electrical installation, the two installations can be connected and can communicate using the Nikobus interface (550-00505).

  • Oui, c'est possible, mais dans ce cas, l'ancienne interface IP, le module de contrôle à distance et éventuellement l'alimentation doivent être retirés de l'armoire.

  • Yes, Niko Home Control is suitable for every renovation project that includes the electrical re-wiring.</p>

  • Include a meter with pulse output. Connect the pulse output to the pulse counter. Gas meter (mechanical) already installed? A pulse generator (add-on piece) can be attached to the meter housing.(first check whether you have a suitable meter for this).

  • The eco-display indicates your electricity, water, and gas consumption. If you press the eco-button when leaving the house, your whole house switches to the eco-setting.

  • The installer Adds a pulse output to the water meter. Depending on the type of pipe used, different types of water meters are available from the wholesale supplier:

  • User-friendliness and intuition are important factors to us and are often missing in existing home automation systems.

  • Combine the two numbers to one number without using spaces or punctuations

  • No, that is not possible.