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Socket outlets and switches with plug-in terminals


Quality in no time at all, that's what Niko's new socket outlets and switches with plug-in terminals provide. Niko products with plug-in terminals are the same price as those with screw terminals and can be used in combination with all Niko finishings. From now on, saving time is easy.

"Other brands already offer plug-in terminals but these are made entirely of plastic. They do not feel very strong. With Niko, the switch is much better integrated; I have much more confidence in it."
– Marc Mus from @Wire BVBA
"Niko plug-in terminals save you a huge amount of time. You can install them far more quickly. And they cost no more than traditional screw terminals. I don't need any more reasons than that!"
- Ivo Van Wassenhove from Wivo Elektro

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If you have any more questions about the plug-in terminal, check out our FAQ.