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Content of the interactive webinars

  • What is the added value of home automation? Why would you install Niko Home Control? Discover the highlights of Niko Home Control. The smart open system that you can easily connect to systems and devices from other brands to give them even greater control over their home. We will show you the concepts to use when composing and programming Niko Home Control projects.

    This webinar is expected to last 1h30.

  • Niko Home Control can be connected to traditional electrical wiring in existing homes. You can make your customers' homes smart without drilling or channelling. We will show you what the Niko Home Control building blocks are for traditional wiring. And how to easily and efficiently implement and program this type of installation.

    This webinar is expected to last 1h30.

  • Do your customers want a new build, a conversion or a thorough renovation? Choose Niko Home Control for bus wiring. Give your customers complete control over their home and the flexibility to extend their installation with almost unlimited potential, whenever they like. Discover the building blocks you can connect to bus wiring and how to compose and program that installation.

    This webinar is expected to last 2 hours.

  • There is no home automation without a smartphone or central control using a touchscreen. Learn how your customers can control their own Niko Home Control with one or more touchscreens and an app on their smartphone. Find out how to teach them how to easily alter settings with their smartphone and how to use a video intercom system so they can see who is at the front door, whenever and wherever they are.

    This webinar is expected to last 1h30.

  • If you want to get creative with Niko Home Control and offer more added value to your customers, you’ll need to fully understand the possibilities of time scheduling and conditional actions.

    This webinar looks at automations and the shift function. We'll include a short explanation of the concepts, as well as some practical examples that can be perfectly applied to Niko Home Control projects.

    This webinar is expected to last 1h30.

  • Generally, there are many kinds of connected systems included in homes. Connect these systems with Niko Home Control and it's possible to turn these individual systems into one powerful, smart, and effective complete solution, one that makes homes an easier, more comfortable place to live.

    In this webinar, we will take a closer look at some of Niko's partners. These partners are active in sectors such as: HVAC, audio, consumer electronics, windows and doors and energy. We will show you how to optimise the operation and use of their products. If you want to make your (and your clients’) home smart, then this webinar is perfect for you.

    This webinar is expected to last 1h30.

  • How and when we consume electricity is changing considerably. The roll-out of the digital meter is only the first step of the energy transition we are going through. It's a real challenge to ensure that all your customers handle their energy as efficiently as possible. Niko Home Control can help you with this.

    With Niko Home Control, your customers will have an insight into the amount of energy they are consuming or generating at any time in the day. It will even monitor the consumption of specific appliances for them, and devices will be automatically switched on when there is a surplus of solar energy. If consumption is suddenly unusually high or in the event of a fault with the solar panels, Niko Home Control will let them know straight away!

    In this 90-minute webinar, we will provide a brief insight into the changing energy landscape. We’ll show you the ways you can measure and manage energy consumption, set up smart alerts and program Niko Home Control to operate appliances at the most favourable moment.