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Niko wireless bridge for Niko Home Control

The wireless bridge for Niko Home Control

The key to connecting Zigbee products for traditional wiring and digital energy meters to your Niko Home Control installation on bus wiring.

The Niko wireless bridge for Niko Home Control makes it possible to integrate and operate Niko Home Control products for traditional wiring into a bus wiring installation. This means bus wiring installations can be expanded to include all the latest Niko Home Control devices in the Zigbee® range, like connected sockets and wireless detectors, that up until now were only available on traditional wiring. With this wireless bridge, every user can now benefit from the full range of Niko Home Control functionalities and easily expand their installation, both now and in the future.

Easy installation

The bridge’s clever design makes connecting it up easy: simply plug it into the USB port of the connected controller. There’s no need for additional wiring or an external power supply.

The bridge can then easily be configured via the intuitive and well-known Niko Home Control programming software, giving end users full control of all aspects of their system via one application, the Niko Home app.

Wireless bridge - connected controler

Manage and reduce your energy consumption

Monitor your energy consumption, receive an insight into which devices consume the most and make adjustments immediately where needed.

NHC smartphone energy


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