Home Switches and Sockets Trends Dark and Intimate

Dark interiors are a trend. After years of plain white interiors we are now rediscovering the romantic, country style. There is a real revival of decor with a history and old personal items. This trend is all about nostalgia.



  • Dark colours, in combination with nostalgic yellow, pink or purple.
  • Metallic accents and smooth surfaces reflect the light.

Niko Pure Bakelite® piano black

The deep black of Bakelite is a little mysterious, which suits the dark atmosphere of Dark & Intimate perfectly.

This one

Niko Pure dark bamboo on gold

A dark version of bamboo combined with a contrasting button adds a subtle accent on a dark wall.

This one

Niko Intense anthracite

This dark anthracite gives a beautiful ton-sur-ton effect with dark tints.

This one

The romantics among us can create the right atmosphere for every occasion. With Niko Home Control mood control, you can combine dimmed lights, music and heating to create the perfect atmosphere. Your favourite moods are activated with a single press of the button.

Is this trend not the right fit for you?