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Lighting control module for use in combination with photo cell and motion detector

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With this device, you can save substantial energy by making optimal use of natural daylight. This modular lighting control is used in combination with a photo cell and one or more motion detectors. If there is insufficient daylight and motion is detected, then the lighting is automatically switched on. The lighting is automatically switched back off again when there is sufficient daylight or after the pre-set switch-off delay. Manual control is also possible using the N.O. push button. This lighting control is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It has an IP20 protection degree and conforms to the European directive for EMC and safety EN60669-2-1.


Lighting control module for use in combination with photo cell and motion detector

Niko modular lighting control to be used in combination with a Niko photo cell and Niko motion detector(s). Automatic activation dependent on the level of daylight measured and the motion detected. Automatic OFF in sufficient daylight or after switch-off delay. Optional control via N.O. push button. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Power supply voltage: 230 Vac ±10 %.

Secondary voltage: 24 Vdc ±10 %.

Relay contact: N.O. max 10 A.

Load: incandescent lamps: 2300 W, 230 V halogen: 500 W, all low-voltage halogen lamps: 500 VA, fluorescent lamps (non-compensated): 1200 VA

Maximum switching capacity: 140 µF.

Light range: 3…300 lux, 30 lux…3 Klux, 300 lux…30 Klux.

Hysteresis on light sensitivity: +10 %.

Switch-off delay: 0…60 min.

DIN 2 modules

Dimensions: H90 mm x W35 mm x D55 mm.

Protection degree: IP20.

Operating temperature: 5 °C to 50 °C.

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