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Solar panels

Increase self-consumption

The digital meter: what are the consequences for solar panel owners?

With digital meters scheduled to be all over Flanders by 2022, and the introduction of a prosumer tariff in Wallonia , now is the time to install Niko Home Control. It will help you align your energy consumption to your solar panel’s production, program the energy use of your home appliances and send you alerts when something is out of the ordinary.

The roll out of smart meters in Flanders precedes a number of changes for solar panel owners; as a consequence, consuming your own self-produced energy will more than ever be highly beneficial.

Niko Home Control starter kit energy

If you want to start measuring and optimising your energy, Niko has an easy and efficient solution for you. The Niko Home Control starter kit energy — composed of a wireless smart hub and 3 smart plugs — can quickly and easily be installed at home without any expert help. You can immediately be well informed about your energy consumption and optimize your energy efficiency.

Some inspirational examples

Optimise your consumption

Niko Home Control can monitor your energy consumption precisely, but that’s just the beginning, as it can also help you save energy too in many different ways. For example, motion sensors can activate lights (and heating) where appropriate, and go off after no movement is detected. And with just one gesture, you can switch off all your electrics at home including lights, except for essential connections and appliances of course.

Blinds can be adjusted in function of direct sunshine and connected with your air conditioning cooling system so that you have just the right temperature: not too hot, not too cold, without using more energy than necessary.

Man operates Niko Home Control by the touch screen

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