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Save energy and reduce your electricity bill

A new energy landscape

The world of energy is evolving rapidly. On the supply side, both wind and the sun are being put to good use, while in consumption, more and more homes and cars are 100% powered by electricity. These changes are making it harder for distribution companies to keep the energy mix (production and consumption) in balance.

By installing a smart automation system like Niko Home Control, you will not only save energy and reduce bills, it also helps you optimise your energy efficiency.

Save energy with Niko Home Control

The first step in good energy management is to be well informed as to how much electricity you use or produce. Niko Home Control makes it easy to get detailed insights into where your energy comes from and what it is used for, and then uses this data to optimise your energy efficiency.

Match your home-generated solar energy with self-consumption

While knowing — and managing — your energy consumption is important, it’s equally vital to have a good understanding of how much electricity production you have from your solar panels, if you have them installed.

There are easier ways to save energy

Knowing what energy you are consuming is just the beginning. Fortunately Niko Home Control does much more than that ... it can help you save energy in all sorts of different ways.

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