Niko is launching a new finish in Niko Pure, a design that has already been doing well for years. A colour that fits perfectly with the interior trends for 2018: Niko Pure dark bamboo. The dark bamboo fits perfectly with the new trend towards darker, luxurious and exotic interiors.

Real, hand-crafted bamboo

Niko Pure dark bamboo is made from real, sustainable bamboo. Each flush surround plate has an individual, fine-fibre structure, which feels warm and soft to the touch. No two products are the same. Every flush surround plate is individually hand-crafted. Dark bamboo offers you a real piece of craftsmanship for your wall.

An eye for detail

Niko researches interior design trends very thoroughly. Evy Gorremans, product manager at Niko: “We make enquiries both at home and abroad, carry out studies, work together with research companies and also have our own design team. This dark variant in our popular range of Niko Pure bamboo switches fits in perfectly with today's trend towards darker, luxurious and slightly exotic interiors.”

Beautifully aligned with 6 new trends

Niko anticipates the emergence of six interior design trends in 2018. Niko Pure dark bamboo fits beautifully with all six.

  1. Luxury: smart materials and a perfect finish
  2. Instagram: ingenious details for masses of inspiration and the perfect photo
  3. Darker tints: black, bordeaux, dark orange, jade green and midnight blue are becoming popular
  4. Natural materials: warm, beautiful materials like wood, wool and linen
  5. Exotic: deep-coloured fabrics, handmade jewellery, bamboo, rattan, …
  6. Personal touches: small, personal and expressive details

2 expressive variants

Niko Pure dark bamboo is available in 2 versions. Choose either a golden or an anthracite grey finish for the switch itself or the socket outlet mechanism. Niko Pure dark bamboo on gold and Niko Pure dark bamboo on anthracite will be available in the first half of 2018. The trend finishing will be for sale during two years, after which it will be deliverable for five more years.