Niko Group

Niko is part of Niko Group, the European reference for innovative, stylish and user-friendly electrotechnical solutions and services. Niko Group is the Belgian parent company of Niko, Servodan, Züblin and Fifthplay. Each subsidiary targets a specific sector with its own activities.

Residential sector and care sector: Niko

With a wide array of electrotechnical products for lighting control, access control and energy management, Niko directs its activities to the residential market. Niko products give you control over your living and work environments in an energy-conscious and ecologically responsible manner.

Niko Projects offers integrated home automation solutions for large residential projects, houses where several generations live under one roof, residential care complexes, nursing homes and safe and comfortable environments for at-home patients. These applications are the result of the potential for integration between techniques such as alarm and building management systems, access control and care registration systems, and, above all, they increase the residents' quality of life.

Services sector: Fifthplay

Fifthplay offers companies an IP-based technology platform. Via this information and communication platform, companies can offer their end customers support services in and around their homes and companies. As a result, the quality of life of millions of people is enhanced.

One Company - Three Brands

Niko Group, the European reference in electro-technical solutions and services, is the holding of three brands, united in 1 vision.


Niko's design philosophy is to consistently create innovative, beautifully designed and user-friendly products. Niko is the market leader in Belgium.

Fifthplay is a Belgian high-tech player: expert in enriching smart homes and buildings with services for comfort and energy saving, and making the outside world communicate with the installed world.

Züblin, an expert in lighting control sensors and luminaries, aims at reducing energy consumption, the same way as its sister company Servodan.

Our non-negotiables

There are a couple of things we do not negotiate about. They are in our DNA. Always have, always will.


Never let you down

We never let you down! We take our responsibility and we are reliable

Fair partner

We are a fair partner and we demand the same fairness from our stakeholders


We consider it our duty to empower the installer


We aim to keep things simple


Everything we do is 'easy': easy to select the right solution, easy to commission, easy to install, easy to support


We make it easy for partners to do business with us

High quality

We set ourselves a high standard of quality and we do not compromise on it


The end user interaction with our products is intuitive and user-friendly

Meet our management team


Jo De Backer

Executive Director Niko Group

Paul Matthijs

CEO Niko Group

Bart Vanderkerken

VP Human Resources

Dirk Wiesé


Jurgen Janssens

VP Sales

Kris van Daele

VP Smart & CEO Fifthplay

Patrick Van Steelandt

VP Strategy

Peter Watteeuw

VP Operations

Philippe Bonamie

VP Finance & Support