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SDG 12 – Smart recycling of plastics

Niko is always searching for new ways to use fewer raw materials. Recycling will play an important role in this strategy in the future.

Niko's ambition is to re-use as many plastics as possible in its production process. When moulding the flush surround plates, for example, a 'sprue' remains. The high-quality polycarbonate is ground up and melted down again, making up 10% of the raw material for new flush surround plates.

Pilot project

But we aim to go further in the re-use of plastics. This is why we have entered into a pilot project with the KU Leuven and several other companies: Next Level Plastic Recycling. The intention is to find out what waste products from one company could be useful for another. If that means we don't have to use as many raw materials collectively, then this is a win-win for all parties.

We are now busily testing recycled plastics in the injection moulds on our site. A working group is examining the question of which products could be considered for moulding using a full 100% of recycled material. We are expecting concrete results in late 2019, but the initial tests are already looking promising.