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SDG 3 – Ecological alternative to hazardous substances

It is our ambition to replace as many products with a danger symbol on the packaging with natural products. These are less taxing on the environment and more healthy for our staff.

Since 2017, Niko has been working with the firm Eco-Point, which develops bio-based alternatives for environmentally taxing maintenance and cleaning products.

Testing phase

Before we adopt ecological alternatives in the production process, we first have to test and evaluate them thoroughly. What is its flashpoint? How will the cleaning work? What about its solubility? If the alternatives turn out to be just as efficient and we can eliminate all the risks, we replace the classical chemical products with the ecological alternative.

Success story

A nice example: we no longer use chemical solvents to remove adhesive residue, but instead a biological agent based on rapeseed and maize. The biological agent is less volatile, so it has a longer drying time. But a small adjustment to our working method means this will not be a disadvantage in the total course of the production process.

We have since been able to replace more than half of the propellant sprayers on the enamelling line with ecological alternatives too. Our quest continues unabated!