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Niko Living room Smart living

Niko Home Control for volume building

Home automation for every home building project, giving your customers complete control, exactly the way they like it.

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The essence of home automation

You can get started with Niko Home Control “essentials”. It enables you to activate, adjust, program and control individual appliances, lighting and other key functions flexibly and intelligently.

Best of all, your basic functions work straight out of the box, without any need for set up. For more intelligence, you can easily configure your installation with the smartphone app.

About the product
About the product
About the product
About the product

Upgrade 1: comfort redefined

You can completely customise Niko Home Control to get the most out of your installation using standard, traditional wiring. Adjust your lighting, dimmers and even floor lamps at the touch of a button. Or use motion detectors to do it automatically.

Once connected, you can control, adjust and program your shutters, heating, ventilation, audio and more… all via your own mobile device.

It’s that simple, flexible and comfortable!

About the product
About the product
About the product
About the product

Upgrade 2: safe and secure at all times

Extend your Niko Home Control essentials with safety functions, offering full functionality even with traditional wiring.

Have full control over who can – and cannot – enter your home with video access control. And extend your security with extra ceiling, window and door detectors, triggering the alarm and sending instant notifications in the event of unwanted intruders.

About the product
About the product
About the product

Upgrade 3: save energy and money at the same time

Seamlessly integrate your heating and ventilation via our partner solutions for maximum control and efficiency.

Program your blinds and shutters to keep the heat out (or in) automatically and have appliances switch themselves on when energy prices are lowest. Moreover, via our smartphone app you monitor your energy use all around the clock, and even around the world.

Niko Home Control makes it easy to save both energy and money for greener, smarter living.

About the product
About the product

Upgrade 4: adapt your home to your needs

It’s obvious that you and your needs change as your life evolves. You might have children, go through a divorce, have a new partner moving in, get older etc. Which is why Niko ensures your home can change with you.

Extend your Niko Home Control essentials with automatic lighting, additional controls where you need them, smart reminders for your kitchen appliances and much more.

About the product
About the product
About the product

Connect every corner of your home

Niko Home Control is compatible with a whole host of partner solutions, letting you control your audio, heating, ventilation, windows, doors and more via the same system, even on your smartphone.

Do you have a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa speaker installed in your home?
Easily connect them to your Niko Home Control system and use your voice to control your home.

Home automation

Discover the many advantages of a future-proof, flexible and easy-to-use electrical installation.

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