Home Switches and Sockets Trends Pure and Silent

Work, housekeeping, hobbies … it is not always easy to fit everything in and have time left over. No wonder we want a home where we can find some peace and relaxation. Without any mess and with light colours that bring instant zen.


  • A simple style that also feels warm thanks to the materials.
  • Cool and warm white tones are combined with calming pastels.
  • The focus lies on hard materials, such as marble, glass and steel, along with lovely ceramics.

Niko Pure champagne steel

A switch with a matt steel look subtly reflects the surrounding colours.

This one

Niko Pure stainless steel on white

Matt steel in combination with white enamelled steel gives a clean look with a subtle contrast.

This one

Niko Pure white steel

The most timeless switch, made of white enamelled steel, blends in with the wall to create a peaceful look.

This one


Create peace and leave your home with peace of mind. With Niko Home Control, all it takes is one push of the all-off button and you can rest assured that the heating, lighting and music is all switched off just the way you want it.


Is this trend not the right fit for you?