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Wireless two-channel receiver, IP66, for surface mounting

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Surface-mounting RF receiver, IP66 with 2 channels

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This surface-mounting receiver is protected against dust and powerful water jets (IP66). You control it wirelessly or with push buttons. It has 2 10A/ 230V switch contacts (two-way and 1-pole contacts) and 2 push-button inputs. You can choose from 5 modes for the on/off functions. These can be independently set for each output. You set the operating time to between 0 and 3 seconds and the switch-off time between 0 and 120 minutes. Do you use the 2-channel receiver for the control of roller shutters or a ventilator? Then you have the following specific function settings:

  • opening, closing or stopping the roller shutters;
  • setting the speed of the ventilator.

Will you use the receiver for the control of a motor? Then, the device uses both contacts for one motor. You may only use it in a 1-phase distribution network. The contact may not be used for circuits with safety extra-low voltage (SELV).

Technical characteristics:

  • dimensions: L180xW94xD56mm.
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