Lighting unit with wires, 230V, with white LED for switches and push buttons for use in trunking systems



This lighting unit is equipped with a wire connection, 230V, and a white LED and is used for illuminating switches and push buttons. This lighting unit can also be used in trunking systems.

Specification description

The LED lighting unit is clicked into the lower-back of the base. Depending on the choice of switch, one lighting unit must be clicked into the left recess or two lighting units must be provided in the left and right recesses. The connection wires are PVC insulated. The white light is produced by an LED with very limited power consumption (0.1 W). It is shockproof and does not radiate any heat. The LED has a life span of min. 50,000 burning hours. Wire diameter of the connection wires: 0.5 mm². The connection wires are equipped with two cable sockets for the connection of the lighting unit. CE marking.

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