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Dual smart USB-A and USB-C charger, base 60x71, claw fixing

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This smart USB-A and USB-C charger charges one or two mobile devices, such as mobile telephones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players and navigational devices. The devices must be suitable for charging via a USB-A or USB-C port.

The "smart" functionality ensures that the mobile device is charged in the fastest way possible (dynamic device recognition).

The current is divided over both outputs and amounts to 3.5 A maximum over both outputs combined. The maximum current amounts to 3.5 A on the individual output. When both outputs are used simultaneously, the available current will be divided. 5,0 V is delivered per output. The power depends on the current and voltage and amounts to 17.5 W maximum on both outputs combined.

Specification description

Dual smart USB-A and USB-C charger, base 60x71, claw fixing.

  • Average active efficiency: 86%
  • Efficiency at low load (10 %): 79%
  • Input voltage: 100 - 230 V AC ± 10%
  • Input AC frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
  • No-load power consumption: < 0.1 W
  • Function: The smart USB charger comprises a module of 45 x 45 x 42 mm (HxWxD) that is clicked into a metal flush-mounting frame with an opening of 45 x 45 mm by way of two snap hooks. The module is fitted with two screw terminals (2 x 2.5 mm²). There are two holes on the rear of the module for screwing on the terminals of the connector. The module can be supplied with 100 - 240 V AC ± 10% with a mains frequency of 50 - 60 Hz. On its font side, the module is equipped with two USB connectors onto which a wire with a type A connector can be connected. It has a charging behaviour which complies with the IEC62694 standard. It is possible to charge two mobile devices simultaneously. The maximum output current is 3500 mA, distributed over the two USB connectors at an ambient temperature of 35°C. When there are no devices connected to the USB output, the module has a stand-by consumption of maximum 0.1 W. A finishing set can be mounted on the module with two snap hooks. The housing of the module consists of two parts which are clicked to one another in five places. The USB charger complies with overvoltage category III and EN60950-1 and EN301489-34 standards.
  • Fire safety
    • All plastic components are self-extinguishing (comply with a filament test of 650°C) and are halogen-free.
  • Protection degree: IP41 for the combination of a mechanism, central plate and faceplate
  • Impact resistance: The combination of a mechanism, a central plate and a faceplate has an impact-resistance of IK06
  • Flush-mounting frame
    • 1 mm-thick metal
    • galvanized on all sides after cutting, even on the cut edges
    • with 4 grooves with screw hole of 7 mm
    • with 4 screw holes (indicated by a screw symbol) with a diameter of 3 mm for mounting on panels
  • Fixing method
    • simple mounting in a flush-mounting box with grip surfaces
    • with claws that rotate open using screws with a combination screwhead (Pz2 or slot 1 x 5.5 mm), for mounting in a flush-mounting box with grip surfaces
    • engagement depth of claws: 23.5 mm
    • claws turn back completely when loosened
  • Centre-to-centre distance
    • Simple and quick assembly of one or more mechanisms by the indication (chalk line, laser, etc.) of the centre of the flush-mounting frame
    • vertical coupling centre-to-centre distance 60 mm by sliding several bases into each other, they lock themselves automatically
    • vertical coupling centre-to-centre distance 71 mm using pre-formed lips at the bottom, by folding the lips downwards over a length of 1 mm, the bases support each other and the centre-to-centre distance is guaranteed.
    • horizontal connection of multiple bases is quick and perfect thanks to the folded-up dovetails on the left and right sides
    • extra robustness due to the folded-up edges on the outside of the base and the continuation into the inside of the base
  • End border: The flush-mounting frame is equipped, both on the top and the bottom, with a dark grey, plastic end border. This border is made of PC+ASA and is joined to the flush-mounting frame using a melting process. The corners of the two end borders are equipped with rectangular openings (7.9 x 1.5 mm) each containing a multi-positional snap hook. Thanks to the snap hooks, the 4 rectangular openings ensure that the faceplate can always be attached flat to the wall, even in cases of untidy plasterwork. This works in two directions: If the flush-mounting box sticks out of the plasterwork, the multi-positional snap hooks can compensate for a 1 to 1.2 mm margin; if the flush-mounting box is sunk too deeply in the plasterwork, the snap hooks can compensate for up to a 1.8 mm margin. The end borders also have 4 round openings that ensure the correct positioning of the faceplate in relation to the central plate.
  • Wire connection
    • each connector block is equipped with cage clamps with permanent screws with a slotted screwhead (slot 1 x 4.5 mm)
    • every screw is provided with a screwdriver slot that prevents the screwdriver from sliding off the screwhead.
  • Wire capacity
    • all connection terminals at the top side of the base
    • up to 2 x 2.5 mm² wire per terminal
  • Ambient temperature: -5 – +40 °C
  • Marking: CE
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