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Finishing set for connected switching socket outlet with pin earthing and control button, white coated

Reference code

Available in the second quarter of 2020. This product is still in development. The technical specifications could be subject to change. Currently missing technical documents will be added to this page as soon as they are ready.


Central plate with LED button. The LED button has a double function: it gives feedback about the status of the socket outlet and it can be used to switch the socket outlet on or off manually. The extruding part at the back of the central plate has 4 ribs that match 4 cavities in the base. These ribs and cavities make sure that the central plate remains fixed to the base and does not need to be screwed on. Both sides of the central plate have been fitted with a lip that fixes the central plate to the flush surround plate. That way the central plate will always stay put when a plug is being removed. Finishing colour: white coated.

Specification description

Finishing set for connected switching socket outlet with pin earthing and control button, white coated. For dismounting the central plate, the flat edge is equipped with two notches indicated by a screwdriver symbol. The central plate can easily be dismounted using a slotted screwdriver.

  • Protection degree: IP20
  • Material central plate: The central plate is enamelled and made of rigid PC and ASA.
  • Colour: enamelled white
  • Impact resistance: After mounting, an impact-resistance of IK06 is guaranteed.
  • The plastic parts of the central plate are self-extinguishing (comply with a filament test of 650°C) and are halogen-free.
  • Dimensions of finishing: 45 x 45 mm (HxW)
  • Marking: CE
Alternative colors
  • 100-66630
    Colour cream
    Reference code 100-66630
  • 101-66630
    Colour white
    Reference code 101-66630
  • 102-66630
    Colour light grey
    Reference code 102-66630
  • 104-66630
    Colour greige
    Reference code 104-66630
  • 121-66630
    Colour sterling
    Reference code 121-66630
  • 122-66630
    Colour anthracite
    Reference code 122-66630
  • 123-66630
    Colour bronze
    Reference code 123-66630
  • 124-66630
    Colour dark brown
    Reference code 124-66630
  • 154-66630
    Colour white coated
    Reference code 154-66630
  • 157-66630
    Colour NA
    Reference code 157-66630
  • 161-66630
    Colour black coated
    Reference code 161-66630
  • 200-66630
    Colour Bakelite® piano black coated
    Reference code 200-66630
  • 221-66630
    Colour alu gold coated
    Reference code 221-66630
  • 220-66630
    Colour alu grey coated
    Reference code 220-66630
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