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Socket outlet with earth pin and safety shutter, flush-mounting depth 28.5 mm, base and finishing set, plug-in terminals,

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Socket outlet with earth pin and safety shutters. This socket outlet has a flush-mounting depth of 28.5 mm and is equipped with a plug-in terminals and claw fixing. Includes finishing set. A flush surround plate in the colour of your choice must be ordered separately. Finishing colour: yellow.

Specification description

Socket outlet with earth pin and safety shutter, flush-mounting depth 28.5 mm, base and finishing set, plug-in terminals,. The sockets are equipped with plug-in terminals for clamping the wires. The stripping length (14 mm) of the wires is indelibly imprinted on the back of the base. When mounting in a flush-mounting box with grip surfaces, use claws that can be rotated open using screws with a slotted screwhead (slot 0.8 x 5 mm). The claws, which have a depth of engagement of 31 mm, turn back completely when loosened. The 4 rectangular openings (7 x 2.5 mm) in the flush-mounting frame can compensate for a margin of 1 to 1.2 mm if the flush-mounting box protrudes beyond the plasterwork. In the case of such a margin, the flush surround plate can still butt up perfectly against the wall.

  • Colour: The cover of the socket outlet is coloured in mass, yellow (roughly RAL 1023) and ensures that after the removal of the central plate, the socket outlet function remains clearly indicated. This is applicable in places where there are many circuits with specifically defined functions, for example, emergency power supplies in hospitals. The central plate is made of rigid PC
  • Fire safety

- self-extinguishing plastic components (central plate and base cover): complies with a filament test of 650 °C

- halogen-free

  • After mounting, an impact-resistance of IK06 is guaranteed.
  • Certification marks: CEBEC, NF
Alternative colors
  • 195-66605
    Colour yellow
    Reference code 195-66605
  • 196-66605
    Colour blue
    Reference code 196-66605
  • 197-66605
    Colour green
    Reference code 197-66605
  • 198-66605
    Colour orange
    Reference code 198-66605
  • 199-66605
    Colour red
    Reference code 199-66605
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