Central plate data 1x RJ, greige



Central plate for 1 RJ connection UTP Cat 5E in a flat model. Finishing colour: greige.

Specification description

Central plate data 1x RJ, greige. This central plate is clicked onto a single adapter 1, 2, 5 or 6 or onto an adapter 4.1; it is integrated into a 45 x 45 mm flush-mounting frame or a trunking system with 45 mm cover height. In the Mini-Patch distribution board, it can be clicked on the adaptor 4.1. The central plate is also equipped with a dust cover. At the top, the central plate is equipped with a hinged, non-transparent window with label. Dimensions label: 9.5 x 42.4 mm. To dismount simply pull the central plate off the mechanism.

  • Protection degree: The combination of a switch, a central plate and a flush surround plate has a protection degree of IP41.
  • Material central plate: The central plate is enamelled and made of rigid PC and ASA.
  • Colour: greige (coloured in mass, approximately NCS S5005-Y50R).
  • Impact resistance: After mounting, an impact-resistance of IK06 is guaranteed.
  • The plastic parts of the central plate are self-extinguishing (comply with a filament test of 650°C) and are halogen-free.
  • Dimensions of finishing: 45 x 45 mm (HxW)

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