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Universal modular dimmer 400 VA

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Available until 30/06/2019 and afterwards until the end of stock.

Universal modular dimmer 400 VA

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This universal 400 VA modular dimmer can be used for incandescent lamps, 230 V halogen lamps and all types of low-voltage halogen lamps. The selection of the dimming principle occurs automatically. You control the dimmer with a push button. The dimmer can be used with or without the memory function.

Specification description

Universal modular dimmer 400 VA. This universal, modular dimmer automatically switches from phase control, for inductive loads, to reverse phase control, for resistive and capacitive loads (electronic transformers). Suitable for mixed loads. Silent operation thanks to use of transistor technology. push buttons in parallel. Interference suppression of the push button input. Connection of the push buttons in various configurations is possible. A brief press of the button switches the light on or off. A longer press (hold) operates the dimmer. A renewed press reverses the direction of the dimming. Use with or without memory can be set using the push button input. Error message indicated with 1 LED. The degree of interference suppression complies with the European standard EN 55015.

  • Wire capacity: 2 x 1.5 mm² or 1 x 2.5 mm² per connection terminal
  • Input voltage: 230 Vac ± 10 %, 50 Hz
  • Minimum load: 40 W/40 VA
  • Maximum load 230V-halogen lamps: 400 W
  • Maximum load electronic transformer: 400 VA
  • Maximum load ferromagnetic transformer: 400 VA
  • Maximum load bulb: 400 W
  • Maximum load toroidal core transformer: 400 VA
  • Hum-free: yes
  • PLC interference suppression: this dimmer is equipped with interference suppression of PLC signals (frequency dips up to 3 Hz). This integrated interference suppression attempts to remove as many interfering signals as possible from the mains in order for most lamps to function optimally, without flashing or humming.
  • Protection from overload: thermal overload protection with automatic reset function
  • Short circuit proof: electronic short-circuit protection
  • Capacity reduction: at an ambient temperature above 35°C the maximum load will decrease by 5 % per 5 °C
  • Connection terminals: 2 connection terminals on top and 2 connection terminals underneath
  • DIN dimensions: DIN 5.5 TE
  • Marking: CE
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