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Compact internal audio unit for surface mounting

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Compact internal audio unit for surface mounting

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This compact internal audio unit is delivered standard equipped to perform the following functions: allow a conversation with a visitor, produce a different tone for a call at an apartment door, main door or an internal call, switch lights on and off, open doors, adjust the volume, switch off the ring tone, indicate a busy signal and call signal with LEDs. The controls consist of 5 function keys and a volume adjustment. The functionality of one of the keys can be freely assigned. This programmable key can be set up to either transmit a control function for relay 10-831, allow a parallel call, make an internal call, set up a ring-and-enter function, or activate a call redirection command. The communication with the visitor is hands-free.

Specification description

Compact internal audio unit for surface mounting. The internal audio unit is part of door communication system comprising one external unit and a power supply. The system allows you to communicate with a visitor at the door and let him in. The device is suitable for surface-mounting and can be attached directly to the wall or mounted in a flush-mounting box. Manually directed two-way conversation is possible in addition to hands-free conversation in 2 directions. The housing is made of anti-static and recyclable plastic.

The device is equipped with keys to open the door, to switch on the lighting, to open a conversation and to switch between speaking / listening (for a manually activated 2-way speech connection).

There are 4 different calls possible: from the apartment door, from the main external unit, from an auxiliary external unit and a call originating from another internal unit.

There is a different ring tone for each type of call. These ring tones can be modified. There are 13 ring tones from which to choose. The ring tone can be set manually.

The ring signal can be deactivated using the designated key, which is indicated by an illuminating red indication LED. A call is displayed via a green indication LED.

On the inside, the device is fitted with a terminal strip with five screw terminals.

A potential-free floor-bell push button can be connected to the terminal strip.

One of the following functions can be assigned to the free programmable function key: emit a control function (default setting), an internal call, a ring-and-come-in function and a call forwarding to a another device.

  • Wiring technique: 2- or 3-wire technology possible
  • Minimum ambient temperature: -5 °C
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +40 °C
  • Finishing colour: white
  • Dimensions without receiver: 180 x 100 x 23 mm (HxWxD)
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