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Compact intercom for surface-mounting with extension, white

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This device consists of a compact surface-mounting telephone 10-511 and an expansion module. The expansion module has 10 free function keys with feedback LEDs and a name plate. You can assign one of the following functions to the free function keys: communication with an external unit and switching of the door opener relay, internal call, contact-status indication of the bus indicator module (10-840), (de)activation of call diversion or transmission of a control function.

Specification description

Compact intercom for surface-mounting with extension, white.

  • Function: surface-mounting / table-mounting (using a stand for table mounting)
  • 2-way conversations
  • housing made of anti-static and recyclable plastic
  • blue door opener key with possibility to set a floor level door opening function
  • button to switch the lighting on/off
  • 1 control button: equipped with a control function / possibility to set a function of your choice: internal call, automatic door opener, call diversion.
  • 10 control buttons on the extension: equipped with control function / possibility to set a function of your choice: internal call, call from external unit, open door, call diversion, display of sensor status with binary input, variable control function (on / off)
  • a selection of 13 different ring tones
  • acoustic and visual call differentiation between apartment door, front door and internal call
  • acoustic call differentiation for 2 doors
  • volume can be set manually
  • visual display when the ringtone is switched off
  • possibility for 1 parallel call
  • visual display of a call (brief) via green LED
  • busy line displayed in the case of an existing connection
  • block listen in and automatic call termination
  • audio and video internal units can be combined in one system.
  • Wiring technique: 3-wire technology required
  • Input current at rest: I(a) = 0.5 mA, I(P) = 20 mA in standby
  • Maximum input current: I(Pmax) = 90 mA
  • Finishing colour: white
  • Material upperframe: ABS
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