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Wall motion detector 180°, 230 V, 9 m Finishing colour: champagne coated

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With this integrated indoor motion detector with a 10 A, 230 V switching contact, you have a viewing angle of 180° (horizontal) and 60° (vertical) within which all movement is detected. When a motion is detected, pre-selected lights are activated. Finishing colour: champagne coated

Specification description

Wall motion detector 180°, 230 V, 9 m Finishing colour: champagne coated. The motion detector has a detection angle of 180° horizontally, and 60° vertically within which all motion is detected. When a motion is detected, pre-selected lights are activated. The central plate is enamelled and made of rigid PC and ASA. Colour: enamelled champagne

The sockets are equipped with screw terminals for clamping the wires. When mounting in a flush-mounting box with grip surfaces, use claws that can be rotated open using screws with a slotted screwhead (slot 0.8 x 5 mm). The claws, which have a depth of engagement of 31 mm, turn back completely when loosened. 2 x 1.5 mm² or 1 x 2.5 mm² per connection terminal The flush-mounting frame is made from 1 mm-thick metal which is galvanized on all sides after cutting, even on the cut edges. On the horizontal and vertical axes, the flush-mounting frame has 4 grooves for screw mounting in flush-mounting boxes. These grooves have a screw aperture of 7 mm. For mounting on panels, the flush-mounting frame is equipped with 4 screw holes (indicated by a screw symbol) with a diameter of 3 mm. The middle of the flush-mounting frame is indicated (chalk line, laser, ..) in both the horizontal and vertical directions, so that mounting one or more mechanisms can be carried out quickly and easily. At the right and left sides, the flush-mounting frame is equipped with folded-up dovetails, allowing for a quick and perfect horizontal coupling of several switches. The folded-up edges on the outside of the base and their continuation to the inside ensure additional robustness. The bases can be coupled vertically with a centre-to-centre distance of 60 x 71 mm by sliding them into each other. They automatically lock into place. For horizontal coupling of bases with a centre-to-centre distance of 71 mm, the base is equipped with two pre-formed lips at the bottom. By folding these lips down over a length of 1 mm, this rests perfectly on the one below and the centre-to-centre distance of 71 mm is guaranteed. The flush-mounting frame is equipped, both on the top and the bottom, with a dark grey, plastic end border. This border is made of PC+ASA and is joined to the flush-mounting frame using a melting process. The corners of the two end borders are equipped with rectangular openings (7.9 x 1.5 mm) each containing a multi-positional snap hook. Thanks to the snap hooks, the 4 rectangular openings ensure that the flush surround plate can always be attached flat to the wall, even in cases of untidy plasterwork. This works in two directions: If the flush-mounting box sticks out of the plasterwork, the multi-positional snap hooks can compensate for a 1 to 1.2 mm margin; if the flush-mounting box is sunk too deeply in the plasterwork, the snap hooks can compensate for up to a 1.8 mm margin. The end borders also have 4 round openings that ensure the correct positioning of the flush surround plate in relation to the central plate.

  • Connection terminals: 4 connection terminals
  • Maximum load (non-compensated) fluorescent lamps: 500 VA
  • Maximum load LED lamps: 230 W
  • Light intensity range: 10 - 1000 lux
  • Flush-mounting height: recommended from 0.8 to 1.2 m
  • Detection range (PIR): 8 to 9 m horizontal
  • Detection angle horizontal: 180°
  • Detection angle vertical: 60°
  • Flush-mounting depth: 40 mm minimum depth of the flush-mounting box
  • Input voltage: 230 Vac ± 10 %, 50 Hz
  • An external push button or switch can be connected to the device.
  • You can also turn lighting on and off manually with the push button on the unit. After four hours the light switches off automatically.
  • Protection degree: IP40
  • Marking: CE
Alternative colors
  • 100-78010
    Colour cream
    Reference code 100-78010
  • 101-78010
    Colour white
    Reference code 101-78010
  • 102-78010
    Colour light grey
    Reference code 102-78010
  • 104-78010
    Colour greige
    Reference code 104-78010
  • 121-78010
    Colour sterling
    Reference code 121-78010
  • 122-78010
    Colour anthracite
    Reference code 122-78010
  • 123-78010
    Colour bronze
    Reference code 123-78010
  • 124-78010
    Colour dark brown
    Reference code 124-78010
  • 154-78010
    Colour white coated
    Reference code 154-78010
  • 157-78010
    Colour champagne coated
    Reference code 157-78010
  • 161-78010
    Colour black coated
    Reference code 161-78010
  • 200-78010
    Colour Bakelite® piano black coated
    Reference code 200-78010
  • 220-78010
    Colour alu steel grey coated
    Reference code 220-78010
  • 221-78010
    Colour alu gold coated
    Reference code 221-78010
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