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Niko Access Control remote

Digital access control for 2-wire cabling

State-of-the-art video access control for every home.

Digital door communication

Imagine being able not only to hear but also see whoever comes knocking before you let them in… And imagine being able to do so from anywhere, whether that it be the other side of your house or the other side of the world… And imagine being able to install it without changing any cables.

The Niko’s 2-wire access control system now puts the comfort and convenience of remote video access control at your fingertips. And because it works with a mobile app, you have complete control, even on your smartphone.

Niko access control 2 wire

Why choose Niko’s 2-wire access control?

  1. Award-winning design that fits effortlessly into any home
  2. Replace any existing doorbell without changing the cabling
  3. Includes wide-angle camera (155°)
  4. See in high definition (HD) color video and at night HD black-white video with its auto-controlled infra-red camera function
  5. Smartphone app - control access via your phone
  6. Plug-and-play configuration
  7. Illuminated personalized engraved name plate
  8. Designed for single-unit homes
access control touchscreen

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State-of-the-art access control for every home