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Niko save energy on phone

Manage and reduce your energy consumption

Monitor your energy consumption, receive an insight into which devices consume the most and make adjustments immediately where needed.

Connect your energy management system to Niko Home Control

Our energy provision is changing rapidly. Energy is being produced in a much more sustainable way, and we must reduce our CO2 emissions more and more. By using smart switches for lighting, heating, socket outlets, ventilation and other installations, Niko Home Control ensures that you have the lowest possible energy consumption. This is good for the environment and for your wallet.

Niko Home Control helps you make optimum use of the solar energy you produce yourself. This means you become less dependant on your energy provider. When energy is needed, Niko Home Control uses as much energy as possible from your own solar panels. Because often more than 70% of the energy that you produce yourself flows back into the network. And you need to use it later on. With this application, you are ready for a future smart meter. Niko Home Control also makes sure all devices are working properly, 24/7. When Niko Home Control notices an extremely high energy consumption or that the solar panels aren't working, you will be notified immediately. To control your Niko Home Control partner brand's energy monitoring system, you will need a smart device from that particular partner. More information can be found in the technical details.

The connection to these devices can be activated at mynikohomecontrol.niko.eu. Once activated, your Niko Home Control installation will start to communicate with your partner system and you will also be able to create advanced actions. Niko makes every effort to ensure the connection process runs as smoothly as possible. Due to technical differences between the brands, there may be differences in functions and options.

Insight into electricity consumption
Insight into electricity production

Which device?

  • Smappee Smart Energy monitor
  • Smappee Infinity

Energy management with Smappee

You will need the following

  • Niko Home Control with the most recent programming software
  • a compatible energy system from Smappee
  • network connection for both your Niko Home Control and your energy system (wired or wireless)

To measure energy with Smappee, you must connect both Niko Home Control and Smappee to the same home network. This is done with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly using Wi-Fi. Niko Home Control detects the installation automatically. The information also appears automatically in Niko Home Control.

Easy to control
The touchscreen and the app display the current and previous gas, water and electricity consumption. The app is available for smartphones and tablets with the iOS or Android operating system.