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Secure with no worries using Niko plug-in terminals

Socket outlets and switches with plug-in terminals

Quality in no time at all, that's what Niko's new socket outlets and switches with plug-in terminals provide. Niko products with plug-in terminals are the same price as those with screw terminals and can be used in combination with all Niko finishings. From now on, saving time is easy.


  • The wire is held securely in place thanks to the high-quality plug-in terminal with long life span

  • The conductor release on all mechanisms is located at the front, so the wiring cannot push on the release when pushed into the flush-mounting box and the wires cannot come loose

Faster and easier

All connection terminals are located on top of the base:

  • so that all wires can be cut and stripped to the same length
  • so that there is more space under the mechanism to easily fold the wires and place the mechanism in the flush-mounting box without the wiring pushing it back up
"Other brands already offer plug-in terminals but these are made entirely of plastic. They do not feel very strong. With Niko, the switch is much better integrated; I have much more confidence in it."

Marc Mus from @Wire BVBA

"Niko plug-in terminals save you a huge amount of time. You can install them far more quickly. And they cost no more than traditional screw terminals. I don't need any more reasons than that!"

Ivo Van Wassenhove from Wivo Elektro

Wide and universal range

  • In both switches and socket outlets

  • In both flush-mounted switching material and Niko Hydro (IP55)

  • LED lighting elements with automatic connection specifically for switches and push buttons with plug-in terminals

  • Coloured wall socket for mounting in floor boxes

  • Compatible with all Niko finishing
Niko Hydro

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