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School students

Niko is giving your school a leg up

50% discount on Niko Home Control

Take the Niko Home Control course and receive a 50% discount on your order of Niko Home Control products for your school.

Ideal for familiarising your students with the possibilities of home automation.

I want a 50% discount on Niko Home Control!

  1. You first put together a list of Niko Home Control products and their corresponding reference codes yourself (you can use the "♥ Add to Favourites" link for this). Then provide your Niko account manager (Luc Hermans) with that list.
  2. Your account manager will give you a 50% discount on the total amount and inform you which products you will get for free - you can order the rest from a wholesaler of your choice.
  3. Niko will deliver equipment to your school for free and follow up to see whether you have taken the Niko Home Control course within 3 months.
NHC Alexa

15% extra teaching budget

Provide us with all the invoices for Niko products that you have purchased as teaching materials and for practical exercises for your school*, with the exception of Niko Home Control. There is no limit on the total purchase amount.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, you can then choose some free Niko products up to a value of 15% of the total gross amount. You can choose free equipment from Niko's entire product range.

What do I need to do to receive 15% extra teaching budget?

  1. Collect together all the invoices for your Niko purchases and send them to Niko at the following address:
    Niko attn. Karen Verdickt, Industriepark West 40, 9100 Sint-Niklaas
  2. Niko will calculate a 15% discount on the total gross amount and let you know, at the start of the next academic year, the value of the free equipment you may order.
  3. You can choose free equipment from the Niko product range and e-mail your order to Luc Hermans at luc.hermans@niko.eu.
  4. Niko will deliver the goods to you directly.
* Please note: the products you purchase may only be used as teaching materials. They may not be used to supplement the infrastructure of your school buildings.There is no limit on the total purchase amount.
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4 good reasons why

  1. You can choose your teaching materials from a wide range of electrical and smart solutions that make buildings work better.
  2. Your students will get to know the products that they will later fit and programme themselves.
  3. You will be choosing top Belgian quality and products that can be quickly and easily installed.
  4. Your school will have its own contact at Niko, whom you can call or e-mail at any time.

Success in the classroom? Work with Niko.

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Free corporate visit to Niko with your class

Are you an electronics or electro-mechanics teacher with second or third-year Technical Secondary Education pupils? We will be glad to show your pupils how Niko's products are made at our production facilities in Sint-Niklaas.

Interested? Bring your pupils along for a visit to Niko. A guide will take your class through the various steps in the production process for 2 hours. Drinks and documentation material will be provided upon arrival.

Request your visit at sales.be@niko.eu.
Want to know more? Call 03 778 92 20.

Niko office day