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Niko Home Control II - Can I upgrade an existing Niko Home Control installation?

Yes. Provided that the installation does not contain any of the following components:

  • first-generation controller: 550-00001
  • IP interface: 550-00508
  • gateway: 550-00580
  • Nikobus Interface: 550-00505
  • first-generation touchscreen: 550-20100

Niko Home Control

The products listed above will continue to work correctly and receive further support on the current Niko Home Control I platform. However, they cannot be used with a Niko Home Control II installation. If you wish to update regardless, the controller and/or the touchscreen can be replaced with a newer version (the IP interface and gateway come as part of the Niko Home Control II controller as standard and should not be purchased separately).

There are two ways to upgrade an installation:

  1. You take the opportunity to add extra functionality to the installation. You rebuild the programming entirely within the new software and immediately discover the advantages of Niko Home Control II.
  2. You contact Niko Customer Services (on the number +32-7789080 or by e-mail support@niko.eu) and consider together how you can upgrade the installation to Niko Home Control II in the most efficient manner. This ranges from a few standard migrations to a full-option custom installation. They can inform you straight away of any costs that may be incurred.

Please note:

1. The energy data gathered by the Niko Home Control I installation will be lost when upgrading to Niko Home Control II. It will, however, be possible to back up this data prior to running the update.

2. It is not yet possible to view missed calls from the external video unit on mobile devices with the Niko Home Control II app.