4-year warranty on all Niko Hardware

Niko stands for top quality - every Niko hardware product undergoes a thorough check at each production step. According to the law, every consumer has the right to a warranty with the purchase of consumer goods. Niko fully respects this legal warranty and goes even further: Niko offers a 4-year warranty, while the legally required warranty is only 2 years.

The warranty period for all hardware is 4 years from the date of invoice.

Warranty provisions

The warranty covers defects of Niko hardware and consists of a repair or replacement free of charge or a credit note.
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The warranty does not apply in the following circumstances:

  • in the event of a defect that results from a faulty installation
  • in the event of a defect that results from the incorrect use or operation of the Niko hardware
  • in the event of external causes such as moisture damage, overvoltage damage or software which is not pre-installed on Niko hardware