How can you use the warranty?

If the Niko hardware does not work despite our stringent quality control, please contact our customer service department during office hours on +32 3 778 90 80. We will then make sure that you can enjoy the following warranty as quickly as possible:

  • Free-of-charge repair, or
  • Free-of-charge exchange, or
  • Credit note

How can you exchange defective Niko Hardware?

Mechanical products

Defective mechanical products within warranty can be exchanged directly at the wholesaler from where you purchased the product. You will immediately receive the same product, provided that we still sell the product and the wholesaler has it in stock.

Electronic products

Call the Niko service desk at +32 (0)3 778 90 80 from the location of the installation. We will run through a number of steps to test the product's performance. If it appears that an exchange is necessary, we will send the wholesaler from where you purchased the product an email in which we approve the replacement. The email will also contain the RMA* number of your request. Your wholesaler will only exchange products with a valid RMA number. So make sure to always call the service desk!

Exchange policy

The following products can be exchanged:

  • Properly handled products
  • Current products

Exchange is always done based on the invoice.

*RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorisation