Smart lighting control

For years, the limited energy-saving effect of summer daylight saving has been demonstrated by many scientific studies. Every time the hour is changed there are proposals for scrapping this entirely and to focus our energy efficiency efforts on new technology. "This also struck a chord with us", claims principal Van Kerckvoorde. "Many of our buildings date back to the sixties, seventies and eighties. In those days, there was little focus on energy saving, to put it mildly. As principals, we were keen to change that. We therefore arranged to replace our standard light fittings with smart lighting featuring DALI detectors. The fact that we could do this with Niko, the Belgian market leader in smart lighting, was a tremendous bonus."

DALI detectors are unique on the market. They cover a large detection area, of up to 24 metres, and that reduces the total number of detectors required. The wiring is extremely simple and operates on the basis of a standard five-point cable. The system is easily configured using a smartphone app. Not only that, the configuration is also managed separately from the wiring, allowing modifications to be made at any time. The whole set-up can be equipped with additional functionality in order to maximise its flexibility, allowing, for example, relay outputs to switch things off, and integration with HVAC and lighting.