Intelligent living

The dance studio and pool room, as well as the children's rooms, will be decorated later. 'Building a home means making choices. Both in terms of budget and technology. If the basics are right, you can also finish some things in a later phase. The choice for home automation was a natural one for us. Lots of contractors stick to working the way they always have, but I'd rather make the most of the best techniques available. The days of finding home automation exclusively in expensive villas are gone.'

As an IT specialist, Tony appreciates it when as many things as possible work by themselves. Also at home. 'Isn't it handy when you don't need to press the same buttons ten times a day?', Katrien laughs: 'I have a lazy husband. No, not really, I also like comfort. When I go to bed, I switch off all the lighting downstairs with one press of the button. The lights in the hallway and the bathroom automatically switch on. Or I can choose from the six other moods we have programmed. If we want to make it nice and cosy, all the mood lighting in the living room can be switched on with one click, for example.'