For just a little more money

Seated in the open-plan kitchen with a view of the south facing garden, Sarah and Jan look back. “We wanted a pleasant house with the best technology available. We don’t need a complicated system with all sorts of gadgets that you would never use. We wanted a system that was functional, reliable and could easily be adjusted after the initial installation.”

Sarah: “Before the renovation, we applied to Batibouw, among others, for detailed information. In comparison to a traditional system, Niko Home Control provides so many more options, and for just a little more money. These include presence-simulation, and the control system for the ventilation and sun blinds. Also, you won’t need to do any drilling or channeling if you want to add a new application or switch later on.”

Green garden

The house, which had been built in the 1960s, initially allowed far too little daylight in. “The house is situated on the north-facing street side, and had only a single window,” recalls Jan. “We now have large sliding windows with a view of the garden. Our garden borders the Hagelandse Vallei nature reserve, where deer and foxes can even be found. Isn’t that wonderful? We can watch the children playing in the garden from everywhere in the living room and the kitchen.”

The old house was often either too hot, or too cold. This family from the province of Flemish Brabant now enjoys constant temperature levels thanks to the additional insulation, underfloor heating and Niko Home Control. “Our sun blinds are controlled automatically. In winter, you want the sun to warm your house. However, with so many south-facing windows, it can easily get too hot. Thanks to Niko Home Control the sun blinds are closed automatically, whether you’re at home or not.”