Custom plan

Petra Demuynck, Bernard Baert and their respective children are a newly-formed family. Both parents had had separate homes built in the past and learned the lessons from that. This time round, they wanted a home with lots of light, a stylish modern kitchen and an open living space with a writing desk. They sat down with the architect of the construction company to work out a plan that met all their wishes.

Of course it's Niko!

Home automation was an obvious choice for Bernard. He'd had a limited installation in his previous home and wanted to go a good bit further with it this time round. ‘A modern house without home automation is almost inconceivable today,’ in his view. Petra wasn't aware of the system, but admits she can now barely live without it either. ‘Sitting together on the armchair of an evening, it's wonderful to be able to control the lighting from your smartphone - dim them a bit, or turn off a light that's been left on elsewhere in the house. It's surprising how quickly you get used to it.’