Straightforward enjoyment

As soon as you set foot on Simon’s terrace, you feel like you are on holiday. In the centre of the garden is the swimming pool. On one side there is a sauna for complete relaxation. On the other side, a chiringuito – an outdoor bar that you see on most of the tropical beaches – so that you can enjoy a drink. On the terrace, you can cosy into the outdoor living room and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the ‘lounge’ feeling.

Light bath

At dusk and during the night, the garden is bathed in a warm, white enchanting light. Simon: “I live in my garden. Garden lighting finishes it off. When I have to go indoors for an evening, I can still enjoy the view. Even when it is raining or in the winter. All of the lights in my garden go on every evening.”

Eight lighting circuits

Jean-Marie Convents of Arte Della Luce installed the lighting, including the lighting control of Niko Home Control. “In order to ensure the lighting control works as effectively as possible, we work with eight lighting circuits: five spots to light the espaliered lime trees, vertical lamps for the trees, four light balls next to the swimming pool, one illuminated garden post next to the rain shower, LEDs sunk into the ground for the sauna and the chiringuito, two stylish lamp posts behind the sun beds, lighting for the steps from the terrace to the garden and a dimmable light in the chiringuito.”