Dax’s apartment lies in a quiet neighbourhood in Deurne, yet is still situated close to the Antwerp ring road. The ground floor is occupied by the family business, and above it Dax has created an apartment for himself that is modern and full of ambiance. "A few years ago, I moved out of my parents’ house and set out on my first renovation adventure. After about two years of renovation work, I moved in here."

Party mode

When it comes to home automation, Dax has gone well beyond the basics. "Many people program two or three atmospheres that never change afterwards. Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to experiment a bit more. Many of these atmospheres are just for fun. For example, I’ve programmed a party mode in which all sorts of bright spotlights alternate on and off, as if you’re in a nightclub. It’s a pretty nifty gadget for a party at home!"

For more romantic moments, a spotlight was programmed that gives a flickering orange light, reminiscent of candle light. "And my aquarium in the bedroom simulates sunrise and sunset, whether I’m at home or not. In this way my fish also enjoy natural light rhythms." The aquarium in the living room also becomes slightly more illuminated when Dax is watching TV.