'Tiffany and David asked me to develop a plan for everything related to lighting, electricity, video and sound', says Glenn Vandevenne of Avict. 'Together with Cebeo and De Donker Technics, I developed a turn-key concept. We chose Niko Home Control. The system is very easy to install. It's ideal for renovation projects: regular switches, dimmers, mood lighting … everything is controlled using the same cabling.'

'Plus, the Niko Home Control installation is very flexible. If for example the owners want to add an extra lamp to timer control, it can simply be reprogrammed. In the past you would have to open up the electrical cabinet and add an extra time clock.'

Glenn kept the pre-programmed moods very basic. 'The gym is opened and closed by different employees. That meant we had to keep it simple. We programmed a day, evening and night mood. Via convenient icons on the mood control or via your smartphone, you can choose the desired mood. In the day mode, all lighting is on at full intensity, and all equipment connected to the power supply is ion. In the evening mode, the lighting is dimmed by fifty percent, and all equipment is on. The night mode switches off the lighting and all the equipment.'