Easy and future-proof

It was Sven's idea to choose home automation by Niko Home Control. 'I work as a nurse, but I specialized in electronics in secondary school. I find a traditional electrical installation too old-fashioned. Niko Home Control provides a lot more extra comfort – it's easy that you can control everything with your smartphone. You're also readying your home for the future. At a later time, you can easily add a module or reprogramme something without any destructive masonry work.

Subtle design

Once Geoffrey saw the Niko switching material range, he immediately supported the idea. 'You can customize your interior down to the smallest detail. I didn't realize how many different designs were possible. For the entire home we chose a combination of Light Grey with Dark Brown around it in the Niko Intense range. Only our thermostats are in Black Steel from the Niko Pure range. They have the same look as the elegant touchscreen for central control.'