Niko will ensure the lights are switched off

“We used Niko switching material, motion detectors and door calls for the entire project”, explains Koen Demets, EDF's project leader. “In terms of switching material, we predominantly used the traditional collection including bell push buttons, socket outlets, cable trunking systems, push buttons, switches, hob timers in the assisted living accommodations and tv connections. In total, we installed a staggering 2,700 socket outlets. In residential care homes, we use the Niko orientation lighting above all as night lighting.”

“In Jette, we also installed different types of motion detectors, masters and slaves. The function of the room in question determined which motion detector we installed. Rooms are automatically lit when someone enters. Users can make additional savings by switching off the light when leaving the room. If they don't do this, the timer will ensure the light switches off automatically after a while. We predominantly used the master/slave technology in corridors where one device (master) controls one or more other devices (slaves).”