Flush surround plate with transparent text field

Various care centres have chosen switches and socket outlets with text identification. Niko has worked with engineering offices, architects and installers to develop a solution that saves the user time and effort: the flush surround plate with a transparent text field. Also useful for schools, offices and other functional buildings.

The label holder clicks into the base. It thus sits securely on the socket outlet or switch, even if the flush surround plate is removed during painting work or deep-cleaning processes. The labels continue to look good even after a few years. Installation company EEG NV div. Electro Entreprise from Gullegem started the installation process in March 2016.

Guaranteed safety

Safety is a priority for Sint-Jozefkliniek: the text field provides technicians and maintenance staff with information on the circuit and corresponding socket outlets and which switch operates which function or light. During work, they can therefore switch off the appropriate protection.