Niko connected switch
Effortlessly smarter in 4 steps

Install and configure the switches and receivers

Connect the smart switches and/or receivers according to the diagram supplied. If there are also wireless switches with batteries within the installation, these must be programmed in dual-button mode (mode 1). Connect the wireless switches on the receiver in dual-button mode (Mode 1) In dual-button mode, the light goes on with a press on the upper button and off when you press the lower button.

Connect the gateway to the network

Use the included ethernet cable to connect the gateway to the internet modem or router. Connect the mains lead to the gateway and insert the plug into the socket outlet. Is the green LED on the gateway flashing? It is starting up. As soon as the green LED stops flashing, the gateway is connected to the internet.

Create an account and adopt the switches

Go to the web portal and create an account under the client's name. Do this using the MAC address and serial number of the gateway. This can be found on the back of the gateway. After the account has been created, the user receives a confirmation email with login data, which can be changed afterwards. Follow the steps indicated by the configuration wizard. The switches must be adopted first, after which the functions can be linked to the switches.

Download the Niko connected switch app

As the final step, download the Niko connected switch app in the App Store or on Google Play. Open the app and connect it to the account you created for your client.

Extra information

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