Constant electricity. Even in bad weather.

Water and electricity aren't exactly the best of friends. Could the two of them possibly live side by side in perfect harmony?

A switch for the swimming pool lights, a surface-mounting switch in the garage, a socket outlet for the electric barbecue next to the garden house, speakers and internet connection on the terrace - We like having the flexibility to do whatever we want to do, wherever we want to do it. 

Niko Hydro has an IP55 protection level. This means that the switching material ensures optimal protection against dust and water.

Choose switches with the high-performing moisture resistance of Niko Hydro.

Even outdoor switches need to look good

Switches that are mounted outside, and need to withstand wind, rain and dust.

Because they need to take quite a few knocks, outdoor switches are generally very robust. But do they look attractive on your smooth, whitewashed façade, or your stylish, black brick gable?

The Niko Hydro switches in black, white or grey blend in stylishly to their surroundings. Thanks to a mounting frame, they can be built flush into the wall. Together with the flush-mounting box, they form one unit.

Be inspired by the Niko Hydro switches: water resistant and stylish.