Fire hazard eliminated with one touch

You know how it goes. You've just left the house and doubt strikes: "Did I really switch the iron off?”

And while you're in doubt, you're also wondering whether you've switched all the lights off. You're no longer at ease as a result. Fortunately there is a simple solution so that you never need to retrace your steps. Whether you're at home or out and about.

Niko Home Control allows you to switch off appliances in your house which don't need to be on, with one simple press of the button or one touch on your smartphone/tablet. Did you leave the lights on? One touch and the lights go out. Did you leave the iron plugged in? One touch and the socket outlet is switched off.

Total peace of mind with Niko's all-off button. On the touchscreen or your smartphone.

Move safely in the dark

Sometimes you avoid switching the light on, even when it's dark. You don't want to wake the children up, for example. But you naturally also want to be able to move about the house safely.

Walk through the garden in the dark without any problems. No more tripping over because you can't find the switch straightaway. Come home with your arms full of shopping and still see perfectly where you're going. There's now a simple solution.

Niko’s orientation lighting shows you the way in the dark. You can walk through the hall or up the staircase without any problems, and without the light having to come on. In combination with a motion detector, the light automatically jumps on when someone comes in. And then it switches itself off.

Move about safely at night with Niko's orientation lighting and motion detectors.

No hassle with unwanted visitors

Whether you're home or not: nobody likes unwanted visitors. Niko Home Control offers an efficient solution for both situations.

Have you jumped up awake in the night because you've heard a strange noise in or around the house? You're not entirely at ease, even when it eventually turns out to be a cat. Or if you are away on holiday, it's handy if it seems like someone is home. Of course it's impossible to be in two places at the same time…

Deter unwanted visitors with Niko’s panic button. Just one touch and your house is fully illuminated. Not at home? Then your house will do the work itself thanks to Niko's presence simulation. Nobody realises that you aren't there.

At home and away from home without worry, with Niko's panic button and presence simulation.

Find out from inside your house who is outside your front door.

If your children are teenagers, you will generally take the risk of leaving them home alone. But then you will always stress that they mustn't open the door to anyone.

Depending on the moment, you may sometimes have mixed feelings if someone rings the doorbell. You would actually like to know who is standing at the door before deciding whether or not to open it.

With Niko’s external video unit, you will never have any nasty surprises when you open the front door. You will have already seen who is standing there. And if you don't know the person, you can first ask a few questions. In many cases that is not only very practical, but also a whole lot safer.

Decide whether or not you want to open the door with the Niko Home Control external video unit.