Extra switches wherever you want them.

We all change our minds. Especially when it comes to the interior of our house. It would be a whole lot easier if your new plans didn't mean tons of work or dust, right?

Would you like to control the light from the bath or shower? Or a switch which is stuck behind your new wardrobe? Perhaps a roll-down shutter switch which controls all of your shutters in one go?

It's amazing how easily this can all be set up. Yes, you are reading that right: quick, easy and - above all - without drilling or channelling. And then a whole host of new and fantastic possibilities are open to you.

Niko has developed adhesive switches with your changing plans in mind.

The adhesive switches from Niko provide a quick and dust-free solution for renovations. They can be installed in a flash!

Adhesive switches make modern comfort possible with existing installations.

And your house is suddenly much smarter.

Is your family growing, or are you starting your own home-based business, or you're just getting a little older? These are all situations where extra comfort is more than welcome…

A changing situation or a new phase in life usually results in a slightly more comprehensive renovation or rebuilding. And ultimately in a renovated house which corresponds perfectly to the new direction your life has taken.

That's great news. Now you have the opportunity to choose a solution that already takes into account what you might want to do in the future. If that appeals to your imagination, now is the time for Niko Home Control.

Niko Home Control gives you control over all electric functions in your home via a touchscreen, your smartphone or tablet. At one press of the button, you can set the heating higher, lower the shutters, or dim the lights for a pleasant evening. 

With Niko Home Control, your house adapts to your lifestyle. Today and in the future.

A simple solution for more home comfort

Do you need extra socket outlets in the attic, in storage areas, or in the garage? A solution with the least amount of fuss?

Do you need an extra switch, socket outlet, TV connection…? The Niko surface-mounting kit is the ideal solution if your electrical installation is not adequate in the attic, in the storage area or in the garage.

Without drilling or channelling, you can add on to your installation with the Niko surface-mounting kit. Additionally, the kit can be stylishly integrated into every interior. Its design fits seamlessly into the Niko Original and Niko Intense series. The surface-mounting kit is available in white and cream.

Add to your electrical installation with Niko's surface-mounting kit. Without channelling or drilling.