We provide you with further help

Let’s say that you are working on an installation and you have a question. In this case, there is nothing as annoying as having to wait for the answer. At Niko, we help you on your way, so that you do not have to waste any time.

Niko’s products are outstanding for user friendliness. Our products go through rigorous tests, so as an installer, you know that you are dealing with a quality product. However, there are times when a customer wants something that makes you stop and think. It's then that you want to be 100% sure that your solution is the right one. Or sometimes your customer is looking for a solution for something you do not have much experience with. Now and again, you may have doubts about something when you’re programming the system. At times like these, it’s very reassuring to know that with Niko you have an entire team behind you that will provide immediate assistance with any problems. You can quickly email a question in the evening when you're home, call while you're fitting the installation or even ask for assistance in site. We've got your back covered.

At Niko, there's an entire team ready and waiting for you. Our technical professionals can rely on years of experience. Whatever your problem, they have come across it before. And this is what you benefit from. Whether you call at 8 a.m. in the morning, 6 p.m. on a Friday evening or at lunchtime. If you call at the weekend, you can simply leave a recorded message and we will handle this with the highest priority on Monday. Maybe things are still no clearer after emails or a telephone call. Then we will schedule a visit and one of our specialists will go out to you.

Welcome to the Niko Academy.

Optical control, home automation. Quickly installed and with custom advice. Customers can demand a lot from you. Thanks to our training courses, you will meet all their expectations without any problems and go a step further.

As an installer, you know what you are doing, but sometimes it's good to refresh your knowledge. And you also want to develop and learn about new products. Our training courses were designed with this in mind. Each person is provided with a computer and a test installation so that you can concentrate on the task. And it's very practical, with real life examples and genuine user stories. You will get a lot of tips about the various scenarios that you can create at your customers’ premises and how you can bring them around to your suggestions. Furthermore, when you finish a training course you will receive a certificate for the module. This allows you to show any potential customers the efforts you are making to stay up to date.

We know that you have a busy schedule and that you would rather learn when it's convenient for you. Thanks to the Niko Academy, our e-learning platform, you can follow your online course wherever and whenever you want. This lets you bring even the largest installation challenges to a successful conclusion. Whether this involves analogue sensors, alarms or prerequisites. Together we will get it done.

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