Save energy at a single press of the button

You come home and notice that several lights have been left on. Or you left the iron plugged in.

Everyone knows how to save energy in principle. It's just that we all forget something every now and then. You would like to avoid stand-by consumption, but there's always one appliance you forget about. You don't want the lights left on unnecessarily, but sometimes you're in a rush and don't have time to check every room.


Thanks to the ecodisplay, unnecessary energy consumption is a thing of the past. The all-off button allows you to switch off the lighting and socket outlets, as well as setting the heating lower, all in one go. Ideal for when you need to leave the house or when you set off on holiday.

One press on the ecobutton switches the lights and socket outlets off when you leave.

Create the perfect ambiance, without any effort.

Fortunately, no two days are the same in your life. For example, the two of you might fancy watching a film on the couch one day. The next day, friends might come round for dinner.

No two moments are the same. That's why you change the ambiance in your house depending on what you would like to do. It's just that it quickly becomes tiresome to create that exact ambiance you want, every time you want it. Let alone the fact that you might want to vary the ambiance for each occasion.

Niko-Pure champagne steel

With Niko Home Control, the perfect ambiance for every situation can be created every time with just one press of the button, or one touch on the smartphone. Just the way you like it.

You can programme the perfect ambiance with the mood control, and easily activate it every time.

Smart ventilation, efficient heating

Ventilation is essential nowadays. But how do you manage it in an optimal way? And how do you ensure that your heating works as efficiently as possible?

Our lives have become more complex. Ventilation is a prerequisite these days. At the same time, it's yet another thing you need to think about. Because it doesn't need to be at the same level every time of the day. The same actually goes for your heating. A cosy, warm home doesn't mean that the heating needs to be at the same level in every part of the house at the same time.

With Niko Home Control, your ventilation works only when needed. And thanks to zone heating, you can easily decide when you want to heat each room. That way you can create a healthy living environment and likewise a healthy energy bill.

The thermostat manages the temperature and ventilation speed for you.

Your shutters, sun blinds and curtains do all the work themselves

There's nothing wrong with that per se if you always open and close the curtains and shutters yourself. But when you're not there, they always stay either open or closed.

Sun blinds, curtains and shutters help you to maintain the interior temperature during the various seasons. However, if you need to manually open and close them, it's going to take up some of your time. And you can only actually do it when you're at home.

With one press of the button, or one touch on your smartphone, you can set a pleasant interior temperature and ensure the necessary privacy. For example, you can lower the sun blinds in bright sunshine, or make sure that the shutters keep the cold outside in the winter.

With a single touch of the touchscreen or your smartphone, you can control your shutters, sun blinds and curtains.

It's as though you're at home, even when you're on holiday

If you'll be away on holiday for quite a while, you won't just check whether everything has been switched off. You'll also check all the windows and doors to make sure unwanted visitors don't get any opportunities.

You don't want to make it look obvious that your house is empty while you and your family are away for a while. Of course you can ask someone to regularly empty the mailbox and feed the cat. But that doesn't prevent your house from staying dark and silent in the evening and at night. 

Thanks to the presence simulation, it looks as though someone is at home when you are on holiday. Lights and shutters work as usual. That scares away potential burglars. Or if you're home, the intrusion alarm or panic button will immediately chase unwanted visitors away.

With Niko Home Control, you're in safe hands. Even when you're not home.