The right ambiance for every occasion.

Light is possibly the most decisive factor when it comes to creating the right ambiance for every occasion. But ambient temperature also plays an important role.

Sometimes you just want to be able to fully concentrate on your work. At other times it's just the opposite: a relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

But how do you make sure that you don't have to turn on and off a whole set of lights each time? That you don't need to waste time searching and fine-tuning until you've created just that right mood which was so successful last time? Both in terms of light and temperature?

With the Niko Home Control mood display, you can select the desired mood in an instant. At just one press of the button, you can ensure that the right lighting and temperature is matched to every occasion.

Easily optimise the ambiance in the house with Niko's mood display.

It's attention to detail that makes the difference.

If you want to create a cosy atmosphere where everyone spontaneously says 'wow', focus on the details.

How come some furniture just looks improbably cool when the lights are on? Or certain objects in your house look especially stylish in a subtle light?

As impressive as these light accents often are, it is not so difficult to achieve: they can be installed anywhere in any house extremely easily.

Niko LED strips make all the difference. They allow you to accentuate unique elements in your house in an instant. You choose a specific colour, or LED strips which can manage every light colour.

Subtle light accents with LED lighting.

Distribute light throughout the house.

There are various types of lighting available. The question is: can you dim them all just as easily?

Perhaps you, just like most other people, have various types of lighting in your house: incandescent lamps, economy lamps, various types of halogen lighting, LED lighting. There are indeed quite a few. It used to be fairly tricky finding the right dimmer for your lighting. Fortunately, that's now a thing of the past.

Niko has a dimmer for every type of dimmable lamp. That way, you can be sure that you can dim every light as you wish. Stable and without disruption.

Using the Niko Dimmer searcher, you can easily find the right dimmer for your house.

Automatic light where it is necessary. For just the amount of time it is necessary.

Wouldn't it be simple if your lighting just knew when someone in or around the house actually needed light?

If you come home to a dark house with your hands full, or enter the store room, it's very useful if the light just switches itself on. It's not only very easy, but also safe. That way you can avoid tripping or bumping into something. Besides, we all forget to switch the lights off every now and then. And lights left on unnecessarily are no use to anyone.

This problem can be solved in one fell swoop with motion detectors. The light automatically comes on when you need it, and it switches off again when there is no longer anyone in the room. An evening visitor at the front door is automatically greeted with light.

Light is at hand wherever and whenever it is needed thanks to the Niko motion detectors.