No more complicated tables. Welcome to intuitive software.

You want to help your customers as quickly as possible. And we want to help you with this. Thanks to our user-friendly software, you can get it right the first time. That makes a real difference.

Home automation does not have to be complicated. We place great importance on intuitive software. For instance, we make it easy to use with simple, easily recognisable symbols. These symbols make it immediately clear what should happen. Setting up the software is as simple as one, two, three. That's because when we designed the software, we followed your trusty way of working. Its graphical and user-friendly approach means that everyone can get going with Niko Home Control. Furthermore, our software thinks with you. Before a new program is loaded, the software automatically scans the installation. This way you know immediately whether an upgrade is required. Niko does not leave you to your fate.

You can download the software for Niko Home Control for free. Our comprehensive manual will guide you step-by-step through all the functions. Are you unsure about how you should configure the all-off button? You can find the answer in a snap in the easy-to-search manual. This document contains both the basic functions that apply to every project and step-by-step plans for specific functionality. Since you do not always have an internet connection on site, the manual can be easily downloaded.

Consult the software guide.

You do the programming and your customer makes adjustments.

Your client will only know exactly what their electrical installation needs to do once they have been living in their house for a while. But as an installer, you should not have to wait for this.

As an installer, you make your customer’s dreams come true. Do they want to switch everything off by pressing one button? You can take care of this. Would they like to have a panic button which allows them to switch all the lights on? That’s no problem either. But what if your customer wants to alter the times of the hall light, for instance, so that there is a 3-minute delay before it goes out? Flexibility is essential. Naturally that does not mean that you should have to visit your customer again for every change. Because it’s as easy for your customer to make changes as it is for you to install Niko Home Control. Whenever and as frequently as your customer wants. In this way, you have more time to help other customers.

You go through the basic settings together with the customer. However, thanks to the app, the customer has total freedom to change this. For instance, when the customer wants to create a new atmosphere. Or if your customer buys a new smartphone and wants to connect this to the installation. The app and the software are so intuitive that all customers can use this. It does no harm to try things out. And if anything goes wrong, there is always the reset function. By using this, your customer can revert all the parameters to their original settings.