Design, functionality and ease of installation.

From the eco-display, that has a prominent place on the wall, to the smallest wall socket behind the cabinet. Everything counts, from how it is developed to what it looks like.

The smallest things can cost or save you valuable time. That is why we pay great attention to comfort when we develop all our products. Niko’s switching devices eliminate folding and prying. You connect each function to one side and the socket shows where each wire belongs, so you cannot make mistakes. Furthermore, all Niko products fit together perfectly. You can complete the entire installation using just a screw driver, even if it involves home automation. Even the design of the sockets shows that every detail has been carefully considered. Does your client want two wall sockets next to each other? With our sockets, you simply click them together. And this way you can be sure that your wall sockets are straight.

Our innovative approach has paid off. This is clear from not only our satisfied users, but also from the various awards that Niko has already received. Both the eco-display and the video intercom by Niko Home Control have been awarded a Red Dot Award. This coveted prize is an international `Oscar` for product design. And Niko keeps on innovating, so who knows what the future will bring!

We set the bar high. Just like you do.

Niko is a trendsetter in the areas of design, functionality and ease of installation. Every day we work on tomorrow’s electrical installation.

Niko is a fully-fledged innovator. We were the first to bring out a built-in dimmer and a luxurious switch and we were pioneers even over 20 years ago, in home automation in Europe. This is what you benefit from. Because often your customers know what they want, for instance a child-friendly house, but do not know how to achieve this. As an architect, you provide the right solutions. Whether this is orientation lighting and motion detectors to a door intercom or a video phone. At Niko, we are inspired by everything that happens in the world. We keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to lifestyle, architecture and design, but we also closely follow the IT and care sectors. We keep moving with the times, so that you can too.

To ensure that all your ideas can become reality, Niko invites employees from each department to brainstorm, innovate and experiment with ideas and materials. We patent our unique concepts. The number of patents that we register year after year is also a measure of the pioneering nature of our products. This means that Niko is and remains an established name that strives for simplicity and creates added value.